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Second Neighborhood Walk - 3/26/11


We—teachers, staff, parents and neighbors—are united by a common goal: that the children in our schools receive an excellent education.
Neshaminy teachers and staff are moving ahead, proposing solutions to the challenges our schools face. We initiated training for district teams to collaboratively plan school improvement. And we designed and delivered, at every school, training on analyzing data to improve education outcomes.
We now call upon the School Board to support our proposed solutions, and work with all stakeholders to set clear priorities, articulate a vision for our schools, reach a fair agreement with teachers and staff, and embrace the opportunity we have to work together to chart a path forward for our schools.
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I am one of the silent majority and let me first say that I am not a teacher. I'm saying that because there is someone whose initials are "LP" will accuse me of being one in disguise. I feel that teachers deserve every penny that they earn and more. A teacher has to be more than a teacher, they are the wet nurse, the nanny, the quasi parent, the coach and much more. If you think that their work day is just the hours of the school day you are naive. When they go home, there is still work to be completed, lesson planning, checking papers, communicating with parents and much more. In private industry generally when you leave the office the day is over until you arrive back at the office the next morning.

As to the NFT, they are doing exactly what should be done, you do not give up what you have achieved through negotiations over the years. Yes sometimes there must be some concessions, however those concessions must come from both sides and it appears as if the Neshaminy School Board has a "take It or leave" it attitude.

I figure that this will be read by the members of the school board as well as the teachers, so I do not want to see the continuation of the lie that is constantly mentioned on the Neshaminy Info page that there are no taxpayers that support the NFT position. We are out there we are just not vocal, but that will soon change. It is time to get this settled, through sincere negotiations with true give and take.

I have lived in the Neshaminy School District for more than 50 years, graduated from Neshaminy and my chilcren have gone through the system from kindergarten to graduation.  I have been very happy with the system and do not want to see a decline in the quality of the teachers that could occur if the Neshaminy School Board has their way.

Bill Beadling 

Neshaminy Resident

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First Neighborhood Walk - 2/26/11


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NFT General Membership Meeting & NSD School Board Meeting - 6/21/11

NFT News Conference On Violence And Vandalism Against NFT Members

NFT Responds To District's Nov. 22nd Board Presentation and Comments

NOVEMBER 22, 2011

Tonight’s words and actions of the Neshaminy School Board have crystallized our understanding of its position with regard to our contract.  School Board members do not want to negotiate, and they do not want to settle a contract with the NFT.  What they want is everything – take it or leave it.

Neshaminy teachers have been clear all along about what is important—a voice in the educational process and a contract that is fair to students, taxpayers and teachers.  The Board wants a contract that is financially attractive but educationally bankrupts our students’ future.  They want to strip our voices from the educational process by eliminating our longstanding input in classroom size, grading policies, curriculum planning and many other critical issues that impact our students. We heard tonight from teachers who are willing to make sacrifices to reach a final agreement and finish this. Even though some of them will have to pay close to $2,000 for their new health care plan—as well as go with no raises—they’re willing to accept NFT’s 6th and most recent counter offer. It’s because we do this for the students and for the community we live in. One of our teachers learned this week that by advocating for our most recent proposal, he will have missed out on $5200 in salary, as well as pay  $2,000 for his family’s health care plus across the board increases on all copays—and yet he stood solid with his co-workers tonight to say that we need an agreement immediately.  I only wish the Board would recognize the sacrifices teachers are willing to make—for our students’ sake.

We want the Board and the community to value teachers and respect our role in the classroom of shaping our children’s futures and preparing them for success.  Continued delays and stalling by the board in reaching an agreement are hurting our students. Teachers can’t tolerate such tactics forever.

Teachers have now offered our sixth proposal.  Our members have made concessions that would mean millions of dollars in savings to the Neshaminy School District, as compared to the fourth contract proposal we presented earlier this year.  Teachers have made massive salary concessions, and have offered to pay a significant portion of our health insurance premiums.  And teachers are also offering to accept a change in the District’s retirement benefits package that would mean even more savings to the District.

Teachers are hopeful we can finally move forward to resolve our differences and finalize a contract that works for everyone involved.

What happens next is purely up to the School Board. Teachers understand that there is concern in the community about a strike. But if the School Board’s team comes to the bargaining table ready to negotiate with the desire and intent to reach a new agreement, the possibility of a strike vanishes.  The outcome is in their hands.

Louise Boyd

President, NFT


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The following document, which was presented by the NFT to the Arbitrator on March 9, 2012, clearly demonstrates that a fair and economically sustainable settlement is achievable. The primary obstacle to settling the 3.5 year contract impasse between the NSD and NFT is the School Board's lack of political will.

View the Neshaminy Fiscal Condition 2012 Presentation


List Of Unresolved Items Substantially Reduced And Compromise Reached On Teacher Voice

Representatives of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and the Neshaminy School District met this evening for the first bargaining session of the new year. The majority of the session was spent working to refine a list compiled by the Federation of 69 items that are either unresolved or required clarification. During the face-to-face discussions, the parties mutually agreed that more than a third of the items on the list could be considered resolved based on developments at the previous meeting on December 18th.

Through the state mediator, the parties exchanged proposals addressing the sensitive and heavily publicized debate over teacher voice on school committees. After extensive discussion between both teams, the Federation and District reached a tentative agreement on language that settles the issue. According to NFT leaders, the language required mutual compromise.

“We were absolutely unwilling to agree to anything that completely compromised the professional voice of our members in decisions that affect our students and our day-to-day work,” said NFT President Louise Boyd. “The language we settled on clearly removes any reference to ‘equal say’ and makes it clear that the District has final decision-making authority, but it preserves the critical role of teachers in school-based decision-making.”

“Board President Webb has assured us repeatedly that he recognizes and respects the meaningful input of staff in our District,” said Boyd, “and the language we ultimately agreed to is a reflection of that viewpoint. Now we hope to keep moving things forward.”

The parties scheduled another bargaining meeting for Thursday, January 24th.

Is the Neshaminy School Board Really Ready to Withdraw Their Latest Offer?

NFT members have offered significant economic concessions on key items that the Neshaminy School Board identified as essential for reaching a settlement. In fact, we have offered massive concessions on all the economic concerns the board originally brought to the table—retirement costs, health care coverage costs, retroactive pay, and experience credit. If the parties can reach an agreement, the concessions offered by teachers for the duration of the proposed contract would include the following:

· Insurance plan modifications with member premium share contributions of 11%, 14% and 16% ($5.48 million savings)

· Elimination of retiree healthcare and incentives ($3.42 million savings)

· Reduction of healthcare opt-out percentage ($2.84 million savings)

· Elimination of longevity pay for all but 30+ years at reduced amount ($1.44 million savings)

· Reduction of life insurance ($0.10 million savings)

· Prorated benefits for partial contract employees ($0.65 million savings)

· Elimination of stipends for 10 and 10.5 employees ($0.87 million savings)

· Agreed to work additional hours: an extra half-hour each day and an additional half-day--the equivalent of 13 more teacher work days in the school year ($12.4 million in services)

The Board’s offer based on the Council Rock salary schedule is equivalent to $14.3 million. The NFT’s concessions are equivalent to $14.8 million (not to mention agreeing to provide an additional $12.4 million in educational services). Therefore, a potential settlement would be entirely funded through NFT membership concessions.

At this point, the Board has threatened to pull its most current offer –a move that will put negotiations back to square one after months of hard work and progress. Our students and this community are counting on us. We urge the Board to return to the table and continue working with us to resolve the remaining contract issues.